Plague… Do you know what Plague is?

by Lyne des Roberts alias La Dame dragon

PLAGUE (Merriam-Webster):

  1. a) a disastrous evil or affliction: CALAMITY b) a destructively numerous influx
  2. an epidemic disease causing a high rate of mortality: PESTILENCE
  3. a) a cause of irritation: NUISANCE b) a sudden unwelcome outbreak

My life has been hit by plague!… A few days ago, I lost a credit card and you can easily imagine the ensuing burden, but! I took it with philosophy since no one had purchased a luxury car with it. Then, yesterday, my automatic garage door literally collapsed! Since my vehicle was not trapped inside, once again I took it lightly… such annoying problems can be fixed, one way or the other. Although I have no control on those, I still have the power to fix them… which is reassuring. Actually I know this epidemic series of small catastrophes are triggered by my current state of mind: I have no more patience left, I am in a bad mood and, as a result, I am careless regarding everyday stuff… I know I was a little too rough on the garage door remote control and I also know I did not make sure my credit card had been put back where it should have been. Consequently I am guilty on all counts!!!

Real plague, on the other hand, is to be trapped into the gears of an incredibly bureaucratic machine that jam at the least sneeze or burp, and being unable to do anything about it! I am not pointing my finger at anyone in particular, though behind any mistakes there is inevitably someone… anyways knowing who is responsible for this mess is not that important because I truly believe errors occur because of a complicated deficient system.

You certainly remember Jenn and Dave from previous posts… Jenn wrote her SLE test June 16 and, as of today, she still did not get her results. Normally she should have received them by last Friday, at the latest… what did happen? We do not know because no one is returning her calls… and, from experience, I doubt anyone ever will! There is not much we can do at this point in time, except WAIT

Dave went for his final round yesterday afternoon : he wrote his Reading test and I felt pretty confident because he is really good in this area. Actually, I was convinced he would get a C rather than the required B. But! my confidence collapsed when he called me and told me they had screwed up made an “error” (once again)!

Six months! We waited six long months before getting a date for his evaluation due to our accommodation request! One would think, after such an endless process, that everything would be perfect

Wrong! It was a mess! Upon his arrival, he has been given the test which was formatted following my instructions but, contained 65 questions… since he did not have the official document with him, he did not argue and wrote the test: he had 2.5 hours to do so… obviously, not enough time and he could not finish! We had requested the short version of 50 questions instead of 65… This morning, we searched his computer and we found the document he had received from the Personnel Psychology Centre at the Public Service Commission: indeed, he was supposed to answer 50 questions in 2.5 hours. I was smoking!!!

He left a message with the person who had taken care of his request at the Personnel Psychology Centre, he wrote an email (with the attached document as proof) to the person in charge of the second language tests in his Department requesting they mark only the first 50 answers of the test he wrote because he refuses to write it again! He has been told they would get back to him some time Thursday… THURSDAY?!?!?!?!

This is PLAGUE: Calamity, Pestilence and Nuisance!!!… So… losing a credit card, having a broken garage door, soaking in the never ending rain and dealing with daily frustration is a joke compared to that!… Try it some day and you will see everything from another angle, I guarantee you!


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  1. Vincent said,

    July 1, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    Boy, do I ever identify with your characters…. making a special request is a sight to behold. If there is anything out of the ordinary that you need, watch out!

  2. July 1, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    Vincent, although my characters seem to be beyond fiction I know there are many people who can identify with them and, apparently I just found one!

    Good luck with your “out of the ordinary” requests!

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